The Swift & SwiftUI Starter Bootcamp for Beginners: 14-Week Intensive

The Swift & SwiftUI Starter Bootcamp for Beginners is a meticulously curated drip course, perfect for anyone stepping into the world of iOS development. This 14-week intensive program is structured to release content in a manageable, daily format, with one video per day, making it an ideal learning pace for beginners. Each segment builds upon the last, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Swift and SwiftUI essentials. The drip course approach not only prevents information overload but also continuously introduces fresh, relevant content. With its focus on foundational principles and practical application, this bootcamp is a gateway to mastering iOS app development. The course is now live, so don't wait any longer to start your coding journey. Buy now and take the first step towards becoming a skilled iOS developer.

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The Basics (Days 1-28)

We lay the groundwork in the first 28 days. Youā€™ll spend two weeks on Swift and two weeks on SwiftUI. Each day introduces a new concept through a concise video, ranging from 10-20 minutes. Then, you'll cement your knowledge with a daily coding challenge. On Day 14, youā€™ll put your skills to the test by building an app that encapsulates all you've learned.

Intermediate (Days 29-56)

Next, we dive deeper. The format mirrors Part 1, with the first half dedicated to advanced Swift techniques, followed by a more complex exploration of SwiftUI. The daily challenges become more intriguing as they prepare you to construct a more sophisticated app on the 14th day.

Advanced (Days 57-84)

The final stretch pushes the envelope with cutting-edge topics in both Swift and SwiftUI. Each day's learning paves the way for the most intricate app you'll build at the end of these two weeks, showcasing the depth of your newfound expertise.

FinalĀ Projects (Days 85-98)

In the last two weeks, you'll channel everything you've learned into two capstone projects. These apps will serve as a testament to your hard work and ingenuity in integrating all aspects of Swift and SwiftUI development.